Wet Age related Macular Degeneration is a disease that causes blindness to the aged. It is a disease that is treated through localized radiation therapy. This form of treatment comes with various side effects that compromise the appearance of the patient. One of the most common side effects is the loss of hair at the treated area. Localized radiation therapy only affects the hair located within the radiation fields. Such conditions are embarrassing and emotionally destabilizing. Patients are, however, counseled and advised about the resulting side effects. It is advisable to plan for the hair loss to cope with the situation when it happens. The hair loss is not permanent as it grows back after a few months. However, there are cases of total and permanent hair loss in areas that received high doses of radiation.

How to manage hair loss

It is prudent enough to learn how to manage the loss of hair before, during, and even after treatment in order to help you adjust and cope with the situation. Proper counseling can help to ease the anxiety and fear of the hair loss. Another option is to cut short your hair before radiotherapy and hair restoration begins as a preparation for eventual hair loss. It also helps the people around you to appreciate and understand your predicament. Sometimes the hair that regrows is very thin due to the effect of radiotherapy on its follicles. Proper preparation helps you to ease the psychological torture associated with loss of hair. Remember that this condition is unavoidable.

Extra information about hair restoration

How to care for your scalp

Taking good care of your hair and scalp during and after a localized radiography helps enhance recovery and re-growth.

Hair and Scalp Care Tips

Here are the tips on how to care for your scalp and hair during treatment

Clean your hair using a mild shampoo like the baby shampoo

Do not wash your hair daily and avoid vigorous scrubbing

Style your hair gently using a soft brush

Always protect your scalp from the sun when outside by covering your head with a hat or a scarf

Keep your head covered during cold months to prevent the loss of body heat

Do not curl or straighten your hair with chemical products

Permanent or semi permanent hair coloring should be avoided

Your bed pillow should be covered with a soft and comfortable cloth

Hair growth creams and lotions should only be used with advice from your healthcare as they may have adverse effects on your hair.

How to care for regrown hair

It is important to care for your hair when it begins to grow limiting the washing to only two times a week. You should also massage the scalp to remove the flakes and dry skin. Instead of hard brushing your hair, use a wide toothcomb and limit pinning, curling and blow-drying with high heat. Use of chemical products for curling and straightening should be avoided until your hair is fully grown.